Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Notable car sightings from my West Coast Trip 2013

I've just returned from nearly three weeks on the West Coast and needless to say, I saw lots of cars out there (not just cars, but interesting ones).  It's fair to say that people who own classic or exotic cars out west drive them far more than most owners here in the tri-state area.  I also noticed that a larger percentage of these cars are owned and driven by females out west compared to here.

Anyway, I had my camera, so I took as many pictures of the cars as I could, which was barely a fraction of what was out there.  (It is worth noting that I did not take any pictures while driving - I was either the passenger or the picture was taken for me.)

*Pictures from 7/20 Irvine Cars & Coffee can be found here.  Pictures from "dealer-hopping" can be found here.

Portland, Oregon:

This 'Vette sounded amazing.

Sonoma, California:

Stumbled upon a local track day event.

116 octane!

San Francisco, California:

Hmm...2014 prototype?

Look closely!  That's a wrapped McLaren MP4 exiting the Golden Gate Bridge.

Laguna Seca "Mazda" Raceway (plus Monterey):

Newport Beach, California:

Los Angeles/Beverly Hills, California:

The late Bijan's one-off Bugatti.

Jay Leno leaving his studio in a 1950 Studebaker (I think!).

San Diego, California:

The Pink Porsche.

Warner Brothers Studio "Hollywood" Cars:

Las Vegas, Nevada:

This is just a sample of what you see on the West Coast!  Again, stay tuned for galleries from Irvine C&C and Newport Beach dealer-hopping.

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