Tuesday, May 20, 2014

BullFest - Spring 2014 - The Complete Lamborghini Experience

Over the past few years, I have had the privilege of participating in a number of incredible automotive events, ranging from exotic car shows to muscle car cruise nights, Auto Show press days, meets, shows, cruises and several events that stem from the Cars and Caffe group I launched last spring.  Each event is unique and enjoyable in its own way, but this past Sunday, I had the opportunity to experience something completely different for the first time: BullFest.

The quick synopsis of BullFest is that it is a Lamborghini-only day-long event organized by the Driving Force Club in the New York Tri-State area.  This year, 56 cars (unofficial count) showed up on Sunday morning for the event, and as you'll see below, it became quite a spectacle.

***If you'd like to skip over my silly commentary and hyperbole, you can head right to the YouTube playlist and watch highlights from the event.***


At 6:45 on Sunday morning, I arrived at a buddy's place who would be my ride for the day with his 2012 Gallardo LP550-2 pictured below.  We filled the thirsty bull up with fuel and then headed through the Lincoln Tunnel before meeting up with his friend and his new Aventador Roadster in front of Manhattan Motorcars.  Once we met up, we took the West Side Highway up through New York City and then headed into Westchester, where we reached the meeting point for breakfast.

We were among the last to arrive for breakfast, so there were already close to 50 Lamborghinis in the parking lot.  As we pulled in, we were greeted by the sight of five incredible cars: a Diablo SV, pair of Countachs, Miura SV and Murcielago SV.  I had checked the confirmed list the night before and not all of those were included, so it was a surreal surprise.

Welcome to BullFest!

We parked, walked around and then went upstairs for breakfast, which provided the extraordinary overhead lookout of the parking lot and surrounding golf course.  Employees at the Trump, passer-by's and even local police officers couldn't resist snapping some pictures of the incredible machines lined up.  Eventually, the driver's meeting was held and we were ready to go.

A prancing horse among the bulls.

And soon we were off.

We made our way out of town to the first stretch of the drive, which consisted of mainly highways.  The Lamborghinis took over various New York highways at speed, yet not out of control.  It was a sight to behold, and the sounds were even better!

Here's video from the highway drive:

From there, our next stop was a pit stop to refuel and stretch (let's face it, Lambos are not exactly known for an excess of leg room).  We were within walking distance of the Woodbury Commons outlet center, and we once again drew a fair amount of attention.  After roughly 30 minutes, the bulls were once again ready to head out into the wild.

Here's video from the "Pit Stop:"

After the refuel, we abandoned the main highways and enjoyed some gorgeous back roads around the Bear Mountain region.  Aside from having to avoid convoys of cyclists, this was the highlight of the day for me.  The cars came to life on these special roads and the scenery was beautiful as well.

Since you can't hear pictures, here's some video, too:

The day concluded with a luncheon at the Sear House in Closter, New Jersey.  The cars gathered one last time before going our separate ways to cap off a memorable day.

SV overload!

One last refueling for the ride home!

BullFest is a tremendous experience.  All drives/cruises/rallies/whatever you want to call them are fun, but being a part of such an event with the quality and quantity of this type of vehicle is truly special.  The sights, sounds, roads and especially the people make BullFest what it is.  I can't wait to do this again.

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